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5 min readDec 31, 2023

The New Old Name

So, it’s time to summarize our work! After a series of successful (token distribution) and unsuccessful (dapps delays) events, we came to the conclusion that in the run-up to a series of releases we needed a complete relaunch, up to and including a name change. In light of future events we wanted to make the brand easier to understand, so we came up with a new naming system, a new name and bought a new domain. We hope that this will help to take only the best of what we had with us into the future!

Meet XRAY and xray.app domain!

Goodbye split project names with Ray prefixes, and hello unified ecosystem! Naming is now based on the XRAY token name, e.g. XRAY | Graph instead of RayGraph, XRAY | Wallet instead of RayWallet. Thus an important thing is achieved — every project name from the ecosystem reflects the name of the token.

And of course we all love the letter X, it looks like the X-wing Starship from StarWars (Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star on it, by the way).

We also have the ability to build deeper level names, such as XRAY | Graph | Images CDN. It already sounds like a brand and the logo for it is already ready, in addition to the fact that it is very clear that Images CDN is a subsection of Graph and belongs to XRAY (and old RayGraph Images CDN does not). Really great!

In the images below, you’ll see what this looks like in real-world applications.

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Ecosystem & Socials

If you’re not familiar with what we’re developing — check out the Vision 23' article.

Below we have tabulated everything that has been renamed. These changes will be fully implemented in Q1 2024:

Project             New URL                       Old URL

XRAY | Network xray.app raynetwork.io
XRAY | Wallet wallet.xray.app raywallet.io
XRAY | Swap swap.xray.app rayswap.io
XRAY | Stake stake.xray.app raystake.io
XRAY | Launchpad launchpad.xray.app raypad.io
XRAY | Data data.xray.app raydata.io
XRAY | Graph graph.xray.app raygraph.io

CardanoList.io cardanolist.io
Minterr.io minterr.io
PIGZ.IO pigz.io
Name                New URL                       Old URL

Github github.com/xray-network github.com/ray-network

X x.com/xray-network x.com/RayNetwork
Telegram t.me/xray_discussions t.me/RayNetwork
Telegram t.me/xray_announcements
Discord discord.gg/WhZmm46APN
Reddit reddit.com/r/xray_network reddit.com/r/RayNetwork
Youtube youtube.com/@xray-network


One of the main ideas behind the renaming was to unify the entire ecosystem for a unified user experience — switching between apps (and domains) looks like it’s one app, which you can see in the screenshots below.

Also all screens from Vision 23' were redrawn and became cleaner and clearer — and this is our main task, so that a person far from crypto could understand what is happening in the application.

UI Mockups

XRAY | Graph

We’re also excited to announce the launch of XRAY | Graph services — a set of public APIs that help not only XRAY, but any other developer who chooses to build on Cardano. Docs will be available a little later (or you can find it on our Github).

The main feature will be an API builder, where anyone with a simple description of the data schema can build their own API — and a chain follower will index the blockchain data and bring the data to match the described schema. Hello serverless era! By the way we are migrating most of our infrastructure to Cloudflare Workers, and there will be a separate technical post on this topic later.

Below we have listed the APIs that are available in our cluster, and those that will be available soon:

Builder API
Status: in_development, public

Pricing API (dex-prices)
Status: in_development, public

Stats API
Status: in_development, public

Koios API (cardano-db-sync)
Status: available, public
Mask: https://graph.xray.app/output/koios/{network}/api/v1/{endpoint}
Example: https://graph.xray.app/output/koios/mainnet/api/v1/tip

Ogmios API
Status: available, public
Mask: https://graph.xray.app/output/ogmios/{network}/api/v1/{endpoint}
Example: https://graph.xray.app/output/ogmios/mainnet/api/v1/health

Kupo API
Status: available, private
Mask: https://graph.xray.app/output/kupo/{network}/api/v1/{endpoint}
Example: https://graph.xray.app/output/kupo/mainnet/api/v1/health

Images CDN API
Status: available, public
Mask: https://graph.xray.app/cdn/{network}/{type}/{fingerprint}/512
Example: https://graph.xray.app/cdn/mainnet/metadata/asset1y7lphaaxkvjw5hl2kpq37nvlvg09qfqsh4qyme/512


We also think it’s worth talking about our side project PIGZ.IO — a cross-platform MOBA game with integrated in-app purchases and item/skin ownership built on Cardano. Below you can see a small early demo, details will be closer to the middle of next year. We hope you filled your pockets with XDIAMONDs!

XRAY Token Statistics

In this post, we’d also like to summarize the token distribution and show some XRAY token statistics:

XRAY Token Performance
XRAY to Top 20 Token YOY Performance

What’s Next

So we’ve got XRAY in the platform name, we’ve got great token distribution, we’re running a cluster with various APIs, we’ve done a great PWA frontend, and the validators are almost done.

Demos and working apps should be expected near the end of the first quarter of 2024. Also, the new website, which will be ready very soon, will be full of information about the current state of development and details of the roadmap.

We look forward to seeing you on our social media channels! 👋



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